Living with allergies does not mean living without delicious food.

  • Simple and easy recipes
  • New ways to work with your allergies
  • List of all ingredients that are, or create, MSG
  • Nutritional analysis for each recipe
  • Glycemic index for each recipe
  • Favorite websites
If you are battling mysterious ailments or you’ve discovered you are allergic to certain nutritional substances, let this book be your guide.

A change in diet doesn’t have to mean a complete and total change in your lifestyle. It does mean you will feel better while empowered with the knowledge that you have taken the initiative to heal yourself.
So, try some of these recipes, and enjoy living allergy free.

Marianne and Don Weidemann live in Austin, TX, where they have been cooking and developing simple, non-allergenic recipes that taste great.
Price: $18.95