Post 21-Day Cleanse


How long is the Post 21-Day Cleanse Program?

The Post 21-Day Cleanse protocol is based on the health needs of the individual. This program could be followed for a lifetime.

Is this Post 21-Day Cleanse Program recommended for pregnant or lactating women?

No. More calories are required during pregnancy and nursing than needed for everyday weight management.

What if more protein or fiber is required?

For additional protein or fiber, mix a shake with a powdered protein supplement or add an additional powdered fiber supplement.

Why is exercise necessary? How much and what type is recommended?

Exercise facilitates the removal of toxins and it helps manage a healthy weight. It is recommended to walk at least 30-45 minutes at least four days per week. More strenuous exercise may be appropriate as well.

Can regular supplements/medications be taken while on the program?

Always continue taking your medications as directed by your physician. As for your supplements, we can help you decide what is right for you based on your health history, current supplements that you are taking, and health goals.

What if fatigue sets in while on the program?

Fatigue may set in because the body may require a higher amount of protein during Post 21-Day Cleanse. Use a protein supplement that contains 15 - 25 grams of protein per serving which should meet the body's protein requirements.

What if I am not losing weight like I did on the 21-Day Cleanse?

The Post 21-Day Cleanse is a way to establish healthy eating habits, not a weight-loss program. That said, many people will lose weight on both 21-Day Cleanse and the Post 21-Day Cleanse Programs because they're eating in a conscious, deliberate way. Some tips for healthy weight management are:

• Watch portion sizes.
• Healthy snacks should be available at all times.
• Make sure you eat more vegetables than fruits.
• Don't eat anything in excess.
• If sugar cravings are a problem, we can recommend additional supplements.