May 2019

Working with Eleanor has transformed my life, and that is no understatement. A few months ago, I came into her office with intense brain fog, fatigue, lots of skin problems, and more food sensitivities than I've ever had. Now, I am healthy, full of energy, my skin is better than it's been in years, and I have lots of mental clarity.

I had no idea why I was suffering from all of the health issues, and Eleanor showed me how so much of it had to with my gut, liver, and hormonal health and put me on a healing regimen of diet, cleanses, supplements, exercise and sleep - and it has truly worked wonders.

I've seen a lot of holistic healers in my life, and Eleanor is truly world-class. If you are so lucky to get the opportunity to work with her, I would not hesitate. Thank you Eleanor!!!

-LK, 25 year old male, Austin, TX

January 2019

Henry BehrensI could write a novel about how much I love Eleanor and how much she has helped us but I tried to keep it short! I am so thankful for Eleanor and all that she has done for my family! Eleanor was with me every step of the way during my pregnancy. She helped me bring up my blood platelet and hemoglobin levels so that I was able to have a safe delivery. We brought our 2 month old to see Eleanor after struggling with reflux, constipation, gas, and eczema. I was told by other doctors that these were just normal baby issues that he would have to grow out of. Eleanor assured me that there are natural, safe solutions to these problems. She came up with a personal protocol just for Henry to resolve his issues. Within days Henry’s gas, reflux, and constipation significantly improved! He became a MUCH happier and content baby! She has already treated Henry for a few food allergies. We trust Eleanor wholeheartedly with Henry’s continued care!”

April 2018

I came to Eleanor McCulley in December of 2017, after 20 years of increasingly painful and debilitating gut issues. I had chronic diarrhea and was waking up every day with stomach and intestinal pains, and I had been able to obtain no real help from any of the more traditional medical practitioners that I sought out for assistance. Exhortations to eat more fiber, cut out coffee, exercise more, avoid carbs, eat fewer egg, take a statin, were all, at best, ineffective.

The help I have received from Eleanor over the past 4 months has been nothing short of life-changing. One of the many things I appreciate about her is that she is very data-driven. She reviewed several- years -worth of blood tests and ordered additional tests. She also ordered hair and saliva tests. She then compared my body profile with respect to vitamins, minerals, hormone levels, allergy sensitivities, and gut balance and opportunistic organisms with what the normal range should be.

It turned out that for the 20-years since my gall bladder was removed, I experienced difficulties digesting many foods because I was never told of the need to take compensatory bile salts. In addition, I had undergone several courses of very strong antibiotics, and they had played havoc with my gut health. As a result, I had not been able to adequately absorb the nutrients in whatever foods I was able to eat, and so I was quite deficient in many vitamins, minerals, and hormones.

Eleanor initiated a regime of supplements and foods aimed at repairing my gut and restoring the vitamins, minerals, and hormones in my body to healthy levels.
The results were immediate. At the end of the first week, I was already feeling much, much better. That trajectory has just continued, and each month I feel healthier, have more energy, sleep better, and am just generally happier.

Her course of treatment is strict, especially at the beginning, and it does require commitment and self-discipline. But the results are continuously reinforcing. I feel as if I finally have my life back again, and I will be forever grateful.
70-year-old female, Austin, TX

February 2018

“Eleanor, Jen and the staff at Austin 3D Health have been so wonderful and helpful with getting my health back for me. I was to the point of giving up of ever feeling good again. I had no energy, always so fatigued, always so drained with no energy to do anything and my hair was thinning more all the time. I had a hard time staying awake at work…..was taking energy drinks to stay awake…..I was falling asleep in the chair by 6-6:30 at night. I have not had to use any energy drinks since working with Eleanor.

With the expertise of Eleanor and her staff they found I basically had no Vit-D or Potassium in my system and had issues with my thyroid along with other issues, too many to mention. My system was a train wreck. With all the supplements that Eleanor has put me on I can honestly say that I am getting back to myself again. I am not a 100% yet but I know it’s around the corner. I got nowhere with the medical drs. They always said I was fine and just needed more rest.

I thank God many times for Eleanor and her staff. May God bless Eleanor and her staff at Austin 3D Health and all those who have gone to them for help.

- 58 year old female, Iowa”

January 2013

I have had chronic fatigue for nine years and chronic hives off and on for 34 years. I was told by my primary care physician that I just had to learn how to live with the fatigue. For the hives I was put on many medications including Prednisone.

I am very sensitive to medications and looked for alternative health care practitioners who could help me handle these chronic conditions without all the drugs. Each one put me on supplements which I had difficulty taking due to side effects. I'd tell them about the side effects and they'd just give me more supplements. I'd end up with a box full of supplements I couldn't take and still not feel any better. After going through this at least a dozen times I started believing my primary care physician that I had to just learn to live with the fatigue, mental slowness, memory problems and hives.

After about a year of not looking for help anymore I decided to start the process again. There had to be someone who could help me. I just couldn't live with the overwhelming fatigue and constant hives. I saw a nutritionist, a holistic doctor, an EFT coach which all led me to Dr. Lock and she led me to Eleanor McCulley, R.N., owner of Austin 3D Health.

Dr. Lock and Eleanor have identified many foods and substances that I am sensitive to. They have slowly and gently found supplements that I can take without side effects. Under their care I have improved mental alertness, memory, physical strength and energy. I've gone from taking an average of 10 medications a day for hive control to one medication a day.

Last Saturday I over exerted myself putting a fence up in my yard. I felt exhausted, weak, achy and stiff. On Sunday I got up and did it again. Monday and Tuesday I ran errands. This is remarkable because a year ago if I'd over exerted myself on a Saturday I'd be unable to get out of bed for a week much less continue to function at any level on the days following.

I feel good. I have hope. I am so thankful for Dr. Lock and Eleanor.

BB - Austin, TX

Hi Eleanor,

I just wanted to take a moment, now that the Holidays are over and the company is gone, to thank you for the great progress I’ve made under your care. I am feeling better than I have in years and so much better than when I first came to see you. No doubt we have a ways to go (and I am not the best behaved patient L), but I’m having no palpitations that I’m aware of and feeling soooo much better.

When I came to you initially, I was afraid to exercise or do many of the activities I’ve done all my life (swim laps, ride horses, work in the yard, travel) for fear of another afib attack. I was having so many debilitating symptoms. I actually felt my life was over. For three years since my first afib attack, I have been trying to figure out what was going on. I have been to numerous physicians, OBGYN’s and cardiologists. I would get very weak, feel like I was going to pass out, have rapid increases in heart rate, chest pain, arm pain and sometimes end up in the ER, usually about every 3 or four months. It was very frightening and extremely frustrating. Despite the holiday stress, international travel and the fact that my daughter is having to have heart valve repair herself (she has Turner’s Syndrome), I am doing great. The herbals and treatment that you suggested seem to be doing wonders. I did go to the cardiologist recently for a follow up and he is doing a complete blood panel and has done a heart Doppler. The results will go to you after our march 2nd visit. I told him, by the way, how much better I was doing and that we felt it might be thyroid. My cardiologist is at Texas Heart and Vascular. We will copy you on the results of these tests.

I’ve even acquired some miniature horses which I work with every day along with my other “chores” here on our small farm. My goal this year is to create a self sufficient hobby farm based on John Seymour’s book: The Self-Sufficient Life and How To Live It. This is only possible because I feel so much better again and like I can be self-sufficient rather than afraid to do something without someone nearby. I will be 60 this year. I’m hoping to make it 95. Thanks again!
MC - Austin, TX

NAET case study for Austin 3D Health
Owner/practitioner Eleanor McCulley, R.N.
Client: RB - 16, female
10/2011 to 01/2012

Ryan’s world began to change 5 days after her 16th birthday in October 2010. She felt faint in a hot shower, laid down, her body covered in hives. I raced to the store for Benadryl. While en route, got the call that her hands were swollen and felt her throat tightening. Benadryl resolved all symptoms. Two days later on way to school, she got hives and a scratchy throat. Benadryl did the trick. The following afternoon while on the tennis court, she got hives all over, throat swelled, took her to get Benadryl; but ended up at a minor emergency clinic as she was having trouble breathing. The first dose of epinephrine worked for nearly ten minutes. The second dose lasted 5 minutes. Upon administering the third dose they called EMS and gave her 3 more shots in the time it took the ambulance to arrive. We spent the night and next day at Dell Children’s Hospital. She was given Prednisone, Aterax and Benadryl for the next 3 weeks. We were told it was idiopathic anaphylaxis and we would probably never know the cause. She was prescribed epipens and told to keep them on her person at all times and wear a necklace with the diagnosis engraved on it. She was told if she felt like going to school to go and if she felt like playing in her school’s regional tennis tournament that weekend to go ahead and play. She went to school the following day. Hives, scratchy throat, EMS…again. The following day, wanted to test herself on the tennis court with regional tournament in mind. Hives, swollen throat, weak. The following day, she joined her team at the regional tournament. The team got themselves to the finals, but was counting on Ryan as their number 1 girl for any shot at winning and going to state. Ryan’s job was to show up and begin her match so as not to have to move the other girls up in the line-up. She won the first set easily in 20 minutes. Then the hives started appearing. She insisted on playing through and pulled out the victory and went straight to ER. By the time she got there, the breathing difficulties had subsided. She did this while on Prednisone and staggering the Aterax and Benadryl. Her Prednisone prescription ran out the next day so ER doctor prescribed more. After two days, the side effects of Prednisone got so horrific that we tapered her off. Over the next several weeks she had about 3 reactions a week, all subsiding within 20 minutes. We were told to taper the antihistamines and only use them as rescue. The next few months were dicey. No more anaphylaxis, but lots of full body hives and swelling. Still no clue what was triggering. Except that it mainly happened at school or while training or competing. One day in January, Ryan walked into the bathroom after her brother had just sprayed Axe body spray. Symptoms were immediate and severe. Aterax held it at bay. But we finally had a clue.

Our experience with Eleanor McCulley, R.N. at Austin 3D Health in Austin, Texas began in February 2011. She explained NAET, functional endocrinology, the basic's of nutrition, then through applied kinesiology, ie muscle testing, she identified the things Ryan was sensitive to, including her epinephrine pens, made dietary recommendations, gave supplements, requested a minimum of nine hours sleep a night, and encouraged Ryan to take a break from competition.

Over the next few weeks, Eleanor treated Ryan with NAET before and after school four days each week so that we could get a handle on this in a hurry and resume normal life without missing anymore school than she already had. The treatments included 1st the BBF vial and Ryan's epipen, then all 15 of the initial NAET vials, real eggs, sugar, fructose, agave, barley malt and raisins, then wheat, rye spelt, quinoa, oats, barley, kamut, millet, yeast, corn, HFCS, cornmeal, gluten, real milk, casein, cheese, soy, soy sauce, MSG, a lot of different chemicals, scents, metals, all the environmentals - trees, grasses, weeds, dust/mites, animals and a multiple of mold, then bacon/bacon smoke, iodine, a lot of different fabrics, phenols, then cold. Inhalants, scents of all kinds and the chemicals in them were the hardest and most frequently treated combinations.

Eleanor also found bacteria, virus, fungus and parasites which she gave Ryan supplements for, along with supplements to boost her immune system, improve gastrointestinal health and function, adrenals and thyroid support. She did a meridian stress assessment, then checked cellular mineral levels via hair analysis, which indicated blood sugar/pancreas function, thyroid and adrenal stress, vitality, immunity, overall energy, whether Ryan was anabolic or catabolic, if her cardiovascular system was stressed, protein usage, and if Ryan was presently parasympathetic or sympathetic. Our plan is to now check female hormone and cortisol levels via saliva and get current serum/blood work done.

The reactions became less frequent and less severe immediately. Within 6 weeks of being gluten free, Ryan was able to identify if she had gotten some hidden gluten by the way it made her feel. My child who for years refused vitamins was gladly taking 50+ whole food supplements/herbs a day and drinking yucky adrenal liquids twice a day. She has completely changed her diet and sleep habits. In May she and her Mixed Doubles partner got to the semifinals of State. This summer she hiked the Grand Canyon rim to rim. She resumed a close to normal training/tournament schedule and is recovering her tennis ranking. She is also recovering her GPA and just scored in the 90% on the PSAT. And this fall, she led her tennis team to a Regional Championship and State Finalists. My daughter is back to her old self. The self that in hindsight began going away a good six months before the severe reactions began. She still takes 20+

supplements a day and the adrenal liquids, gets 9-­-12 hrs sleep a night, and eats lots of protein and vegetables. She still gets occasional hives, but they are few in number, flat and white instead of raised and red, and in a localized area. She still gets headaches and some throat or chest tightness if fragrance is sprayed or dispersed in her presence. But with Eleanor’s guidance, Ryan knows how to respond. Eleanor has been invaluable in dealing with the school and the necessary accommodations her team and classmates must consider. As a junior in high school, she still aspires to play college tennis and is in full recruiting mode.

Two of the criteria for her decision on which college to attend are the availability of gluten-free foods, as well as the availability of a NAET practitioner. Ryan has commented that while she is not happy that this happened to her, the good that has come from it is that she knows her body and its limitations and is not afraid to advocate for her needs.

We are forever grateful to Eleanor for guiding us through this time.

I started working with Austin 3D Health in July 2009 after suffering with migraines for 8 years and skin problems for over 40 years. After testing, I began taking supplements customized for my results. Today, I am off of the daily antibiotics and all migraine medications. I am in the process of retesting now and
will continue the supplements they suggest for me. I still have some headaches and fatigue, but my health has improved dramatically.
Thank you!

SC – Austin, TX

I have experienced life-long environmental allergies, from ragweed to pollens of all types. After going through the NAET series with Austin 3D Health, I no longer experience any side-effects from ragweed or pollen of any kind. The NAET process has improved my health in general, eliminated the allergies, and I am thrilled with the results.

MW – Austin, TX

This is a thank you note. Before I put all my attention on what is yet to be addressed regarding this old body, I must acknowledge what you have accomplished.

Your gut reconditioning program turned it around for me: no more pain, no more hospital trips, no more 24-hour antibootic drips, or huge doctor bills. I'm 64 and I can eat anything and feel great!

In your hands I'm not worried about my health anymore.

Thank you for being so competent and caring

June 20, 2011

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